Prof. Kai Feng, Hunan University, China



Kai Feng is a Professor of College of Mechanical & Vehicle Engineering in Hunan UniversityHe received his BE degree in 2003 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, ME in 2006 from Xian Jiao Tong University, China, and PhD in 2009 from the University of Tokyo, Japan. He worked at the University of Tokyo as JSPS researcher before joining the Faculty of Engineering of the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2010 as assistant professor. He has been involved in research in areas of developing of advanced levitation techniques for the Ultra-high-speed and Ultra-high-precision machines, including the analysis, design and testing of gas bearings and gas seals and Ultrasonic levitation. He served as an associate editor of SELT Tribology Transactions from 2017 and the Vice-Chairman of bearing and rotordynamics session of ASME Turbo expo from 2016He is also the vice chairman of Gas Lubrication Association of China. He and his group have been supported by more 20 projects including National Key R&D Program of China and NSFC and successfully developed a number of high-speed machinery supported by gas lubricated bearings. He and his group have published more than 50 high-quality papers and more than 30 patents.